Install PCLinuxOS di USB

Basic essentials:

  • A 512MB or larger USB flash drive
  • HP-USB Format tool
  • 7-Zip (or another ISO extractor)
  • PCLinuxOS Minime ISO
  • Syslinux 3.36

PCLinuxOS USB install tutorial:

  1. Download the HP-USB Format tool and format your flash drive using the Fat or Fat32 option
  2. Download the PCLinuxOS MiniMe ISO
  3. Using 7-Zip, extract everything from the MiniMe.ISO to the root of your memory stick
  4. Download the and extract the fixmm.bat file to the root of your memory stick
  5. Run the fixmm.bat file from the USB stick and follow the on screen instructions
  6. Download and unzip the files to a directory called syslinux on your computer
  7. From Windows click start-> run-> cmd
  8. From the command window, type cd \syslinux\win32
  9. Type syslinux.exe F: (replace F with your USB drive letter) to make the drive bootable
  10. Reboot your computer and set your system BIOS to boot from USB-ZIP or USB-HDD. Also set the boot priority to boot from the USB stick if your BIOS lists the device as a hard drive

Notes: You can log into PCLinuxOS using the username: root and password: root or guest and guest

If you need additional help getting your flash drive to boot, check out our BIOS boot options section or Tools Section


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