TransGaming CEDEGA 6.0 Pro

TransGaming Cedega (a.k.a WineX) delivers an amazing gaming experience that matches the Windows experience from Online Play and Copy Protection to Direct3D and Pixel Shaders.

TransGaming Cedega provides the gaming experience along with all the Linux capabilities you have come to rely upon without having to reboot your computer to Windows to play.

TransGaming Cedega ’s remarkably intuitive GUI enables Linux gamers to do things that are impossible on Windows.

With one action, you can set configurations across every game you have installed.

Updating, deleting, moving, and even troubleshooting of every game is accessed from a single, easy-to-use interface.

But TransGaming Cedega ’s advantages don’t stop there.

TransGaming Cedega gives gamers the flexibility of running ANY game in its own window or in full screen mode.

Want to search the web while playing your favorite massively multiplayer online game?

With TransGaming Cedega, doing so is just a click away.


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